Hi, I’m Katie! And how this blog began…

Hi! Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, stopping by, and joining me for a bit on this journey.

Sabbath Days is a blog and a resolution. I’m resolving to “keep the Sabbath holy” and the blog is a journal of my journey.  So where did this resolution begin?

The Short Story

Last year, I began to use a hashtag for Instagram photos I took and posted on Sundays. It was a little nod to Wendell Berry’s Sabbath Poems collection and a fun project which helped me reflect on the nature of our Sundays as a family. This blog is an extension of that project…but its also much more. Read on for the long story!

The Long Story

Where to begin…2016 was a particularly busy year (our church moved, involved in some large church projects, lots of house projects, bought a car, hubs started a new job, etc.) and we have two little kids, so any normal life thing gets multiplied in intensity by at least 18 (is there any formula for this? maybe its exponential?)  Naturally, by last November, Brad and I were craving space and quiet. Peace. Rest.

After some nudges from the Spirit and a few gracious conversations with Brad, I decided to start saying “No” to anything extraneous in order to prioritize the people and commitments in my life. I stepped away from social media through the Advent season and tried to guard against overcommitting to all the parties, family gatherings, cookie decorating, shopping days, and what not.  Turns out, saying “No” is very difficult.  December was hard because I LOVE all of that stuff.  I love people, I love celebrating, I love seeing all the cute kiddos in their Christmas jammies!  But retreating was just what I needed.  The season provided some space for introspection and clarity.

Now, about those “nudges from the Spirit” I referenced above…through November and December, our church was doing a series on Gospel Hospitality.  It was a terrific, challenging series of sermons.  Often I think of “hospitality” as having a tidy home, a open seat at the table and clean bed sheets for anyone who comes knocking.  Those two months, I kept walking out of church with the idea of rest stuck to me.  I learned that being hospitable is about creating and maintaining a space for people to enter in and rest. Not just physical space, but emotional space, spiritual space.  Opening up our homes and our presence as a safe place for people to enter in and be who they are, because this is who God is to us.  The themes of space, rest, and sabbath were jumping out everywhere and just sticking to me: in conversations with friends, sermons at church, podcasts I listened to.

All of this came together as a blog and a resolution, Sabbath Days.  I’m resolving to adopt the biblical rhythm of 6 days of work, 1 day of rest for the year and journal along the way.  I hope you’ll join me!

Finally, I’m excited for a few things:

  1. to explore rest and Sabbath (historically, practically, as a mom with young kids)
  2. to start writing and reflecting on a regular basis
  3. to look back on this blog in a year
  4. to know and love God more

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