Preparing for rest

Today is Saturday.

It’s the last work day of the week and my sabbath eve. I have a short list of chores for today, mostly house keeping/tidying and a few little to-dos before the start of next week. Last fall, I found my sabbaths much more restful (and possible) if I made a point to complete these tasks before Saturday evening. Here’s what I’m up to today so I can wake up tomorrow morning ready to stop my work and take up rest.

  • Finish the dishes and leave the dishwasher empty.  I am fine leaving dishes on the counter or in the sink before I go to bed…but I really shouldn’t on Saturdays (or really any day for that matter.)  With some work, I’m hoping this becomes a solid routine this year. As we cook/eat on Sunday, the dishwasher is ready to accept the messes and that’s it!
  • Get the laundry to a good stopping point. AKA: don’t leave wet clothes in the washer and forget about them until Tuesday afternoon when they get stinky and mildew-y, bleh.
  • Cook extra food for lunch or dinner. So we can eat leftovers tomorrow.
  • Tidy up around the house.  Just a little bit, as I try to keep tidying to a minimum on Sundays.

If I can plan and prepare to keep the sabbath, it happens. If I’m not intentional about it, Sunday comes and goes and I’m even more frazzled Monday morning. This little list will be a guide for me each Saturday, in a few months I’ll update and comment if I add/subtract anything from my Saturday routine…work hard, rest well!


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