1.15.17- I honestly can’t remember last Sunday

It’s Saturday night again, another sabbath eve. Through the week, I’ve been trying to reflect on last Sunday and do my work out of that place of rest. Tonight, I can’t even remember what happened last Sunday.  What I did, or didn’t do…I think I listened to a podcast, maybe?

As a mother, I’m in a unique season of limited mental capacity. I think it is a combination of sleep deprivation and the obligation of managing two little people’s lives that causes me to forget so much…its like my brain can’t take it!  Considering this memory loss got me thinking about how forgetfulness is a part of our human nature. As Christians, we must be constantly reminded of who we are, where we come from, the grace of God.  We’re just prone to forget. I think this is one reason God modeled the rhythm of work and rest in the beginning. He created for 6 days and then rested from his work. We work 6 days and then rest: to remember, reflect and return to our God. I imagine a man going out to work in his fields for the week. Then making the journey back to his warm home, loving wife, soft bed. A safe place for him to land after doing the hard, necessary work of the week.

In this forgetful (and just plain FULL) season, I think God is coaxing me to remember. Maybe that’s what rest is for me right now…remembering who God is, what he has done for me and recalling who I am in light of who He is.


*Also, maybe I’ll blog a little earlier next week so I can actually recall what the day itself was like!



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