2.12.17- Cultivating my own little Sunday space

I’ve been thinking of this poem so often lately. Specifically the first two lines:

Make a place to sit down. Sit down. Be quiet.

Most days, the minute I sit down and try to be quiet, I’m immediately distracted. I cannot quiet my heart and mind. Maybe I spot some toys we forgot to put away, a spill neglected, or a cup of milk left out to slowly sour. Or I’m tempted to daydream (and then hardcore scheme) about how to replace the kitchen island or whitewash our brick fireplace. Soon enough, those 20 minutes to pray, be with the Lord, read Scripture and reflect, are gone.

As a visual person, I’m affected by my the aesthetic quality of my surroundings. If my eyes are not able to rest, it is difficult for my heart and mind to slow down, reflect, recall. If my eyes are distracted by the scattered toys meant to be corralled for a garage sale, or the half painted window trim, my heart cannot unpack the emotional roller coaster of the previous week and my mind cannot contemplate the Word of God.

I find myself at this crossroads often: I must not be obsessed with perfection and order in my home, in this season of little children and working part time, it is not the most God-honoring use of my time. But, I must ‘make a place to sit down.’ I need a space that is conducive for rest, for connecting with God and with my family. This week I learned that I should devote some time (possibly on Saturday, or even the Friday before) to create a tidy, little space to read, write and sip a cup of coffee. An ordered, pleasing space to meet with God, uninterrupted by my surroundings. [Maybe this is why people feel so connected to the Lord in nature? Can anyone relate to that?]
Right now, my little space is our guest room/office. It is mostly painted, gets great light and my kiddos aren’t allowed to free play in here. I hung some art yesterday and I think I’ll get a little plant and light some candles.

Where do you rest best? Is there any particular physical space where you’re best able to quiet your heart and commune with the Lord?



5 thoughts on “2.12.17- Cultivating my own little Sunday space”

  1. Yes 1,000 times yes. Have been thinking about this the past week or two! When the boys nap I ALWAYS turn out all the lights in the house and clear the living room so I can sit down with a (little bit less) uncluttered mind to focus and rest.


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