2.19.17- On having an agenda and a little farm visit

First let me say, Hello February! I love you!

Today it was 60 degrees and sunny, blue skies. So good, good, good for my Vitamin D deprived soul. The morning was typical: picked up donuts, served in the kid’s rooms at church and home for lunch and naps/quiet time. After a rough week and busy Saturday, the routine Sunday morning was just what I needed. During rest time, I nestled into the guest bed (see last week’s entry) with a book of poems, bible and bible study workbook (Abide, by Jen Wilkin. I’ll share more on that another day!)

Right away, my mind started calculating how many questions I could complete in my bible study workbook before the kids woke up…4, maybe 5 questions at most? I scanned the text, a few verses in the first letter of John. Turning to my workbook, I was feeling pretty good about myself, I’d been hoping to get these questions completed for a few days now. And it dawned on me. Stop. STOP. 

Here I am, blessed with sleeping kids, a quiet home, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’m still trying to GET.STUFF.DONE. I am still tempted by the urge to accomplish or achieve. In my defense, how can I feel good about my day (or myself?) if I don’t get anything done? Is it really wrong to want to answer those questions and learn something about the bible and about God? Absolutely not. But today-a day set aside for lingering over the Word, for contemplative prayer, for naps- isn’t the day to get it done. Again, I’m confronted with my agenda and challenged to leave it until tomorrow, trusting in God for the grace to stop, to cease, to rest in the gift of the Sabbath.

So I left my bible study for later in the week and turned to the Psalms, lingering over the imagery and poems, quieting my busy mind.  After rest time, we headed over to a friend’s family farm and it was the perfect kind of day. Running, playing, climbing in the barn lofts, feeding chickens, boiling down maple sap into syrup. The Spellmire’s graciously fed us popcorn for snack, steak for dinner and stories for our souls. I’m honestly never ready to leave. What a gift. Here are a few photos from our visit.



Boiling down the maple sap into syrup



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