A garden metaphor

Last spring I planted some little ground cover plants near our back door/driveway area. Love love love some lush, green, occasionally flowering ground cover. It’s low maintenance, you can walk on it (kid-friendly), it’s pretty hardy. I think this variety is called Creeping Jenny. Totally thought these little babies were annuals, meaning they flourish for a season and then have to be replanted, reseeded, etc. It all died last November with the first frost and I just left it there, figuring I’d rake it up in the spring.

Today, February 24 (it’s basically May already), I noticed some bright green, new growth. Hello life! Upon further investigation, it turns out Creeping Jenny is, after all, a perennial. I’m so so thankful I didn’t yank these guys up last year! They have proved to be an unexpected, brighten my day, type of gift.

These little green plants got me thinking…what else in my life do I regard as brown,  decomposing, and worthless just because it appears dead from my perspective? Are there relationships, ideas, hopes or dreams I’ve buried, because I believe them to be dead? Maybe that’s exactly where God is working on something really surprising and special. What growth may spring forth after a long, cold, dead winter?

…And I’m still mulling this over, but I believe there is a direct correlation between the unproductive, quiet rest of sabbath and a fruitful and productive life. There is a mysterious, unseen healing (growth?) when we stop, rest, and recenter our worship towards the Lord. This God-given rhythm of work:rest can (should) be trusted and life-orienting without my need to answer the “WHY?!” or “What’s the purpose?” or “What will I have to show for it?”

Today, I left those little plants encouraged and curious about what God may be growing, healing, tending to in me…and for now I’m free to rest and wait for Spring.


1 thought on “A garden metaphor”

  1. WOW. I love this post so much. The question of “what else do I regard as brown and worthless just because it appears dead from my perspective” was like a sucker punch to the gut. Thank you for your challenging words. Going to ponder on this one.


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