Being ok with the journey

Lately, I’ve been listening (and loving!) a podcast called The Road Back to You: Looking at Life through the Lens of the Enneagram. (More on the Enneagram in another post!) Today, I caught half of an old episode in which the hosts discuss social media, specifically “Who we are on social media” with guest Austin Graff, a branding specialist for the Washington Post and former social media specialist for various organizations. I linked it directly above if you would like to listen in.

About halfway through the podcast, host Suzanne poses Austin Graff with two thoughtful questions; I was especially struck by his answers.

“What’s dangerous about social media?”

“One of the dangers, is you feel like you need to present a perfect picture to people but then that also makes people feel less than and not whole and not worthy and I don’t like what that does to communities and to people because they have self esteem issues. And I think social media sadly plays into those.”

“What do you think we’ve lost to social media?” 

“I think we can reclaim this, but I think we have lost intentionality and being ok with the vulnerable and the imperfect and being ok with the journey of things.”

We have lost…being ok with the journey of things.  -Austin Graff

In his answers, Mr. Graff was referring to Instagram specifically, but I immediately felt convicted about not only my presence on Instagram, but also this blog. My intention for this space is to record and reflect upon my journey in learning about and observing the Sabbath. But, I have been tempted to hold off on publishing a post until it is perfectly polished. I’ve neglected to write about the difficult, confusing and/or exhausting Sundays. I like (love? love too much?) that I can control and edit what I publish on this blog, that I can curate a lovely, thoughtful version of my restful soul…but am I allowing myself to be ok with the journey? So, I end with another resolution…to grow in being ok with the journey and to record it all the same.


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