Where to start…

I’m 3 months into this blog and “keep the Sabbath” resolution.  Like with anything worthwhile, getting started and making it a habit has been the hardest part.  For the last three months, the discipline of rest has been a wonderful rhythm and blessing in my life.  And when I come across something good, I can’t help but tell about it and want it for everyone in my life.  Taking time to rest, reflect and recenter our hearts on God is a healthy life rhythm, especially in a culture that is non-stop.  But where to begin?

I came across a journal entry I’d written in early December, when I was first sorting out what a Sabbath day might be like in my current season of life (wife, mom of little kids, work part-time.)  The day of the entry I was trying to rest and wrestling the temptation to disobey and serve myself.  In my journal I listed some parameters for what a restful day could be for me.  Here it is, with some updated notes:

  • Don’t be productive. Don’t justify tasks by saying “its restful.” (Example: “Oh, its so restful for me to have a clean kitchen, so I’m going to do the dishes and wipe down the table.” Instead, thank God for my kitchen and get out of it. Leave the dishes for tomorrow or let my husband do them.)
  • Make extra food on Friday or Saturday to have leftovers. Or eat take-out. (Picked up Chipotle for dinner today on a whim!)
  • Hike, get outside. (I’ve found digging around in my garden to be lovely.)
  • Enjoy the Lord, enjoy my family.  (This has been difficult…lots of crying kids today.)
  • Turn off my phone. (I haven’t done this to date. I should try it!)
  • Read the bible, poetry, a novel.
  • Process.
  • Take a nap.
  • Thank God and remember my creation and restoration.

Finally, these two weren’t on my original list, but I’ve learned that they should be a bigger part of my Sundays.

  • Pray.
  • Seek out silence and meditate on a passage of Scripture.

If you are considering adopting a Sabbath practice, I highly recommend making a list like this. Give yourself some rules to follow, pray and ask God what He’s inviting you into. And then just start to do it. The logistics may take some time to work out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest in the meantime. All of His commands are for our good.

Let my soul live and praise you, and let your rules help me. Psalm 119:175

May you work hard and rest well my friends.




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