how to take a day off (practical tips, part 1)

A friend texted me the other day and asked something like "how to do I do things to set myself up well" for the Sabbath, for a day off.  It got me thinking about how I try to prepare practically for a day of rest as a mom of young kids. Because my kids are… Continue reading how to take a day off (practical tips, part 1)


4.15.18- a routine sunday

Today was a normal, routine Sunday and how I'd love for my Sundays to look moving forward. Nothing special or out of the ordinary; on the contrary, this Sunday was especially ordinary. As I looked forward to the Sabbath on Friday and Saturday of this week, it was as though my mind and heart were… Continue reading 4.15.18- a routine sunday

My 9 year old Lenten fast and some resources

Lent, the period of 40 days (excluding Sundays) preceding Easter is upon us. Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, is in one week! Raised in the Catholic tradition, Lent was always a time to "give something up" and I swayed between dreading it or gloating in my self-control (really great spiritual kid stuff, amiright?!)… Continue reading My 9 year old Lenten fast and some resources

11.19.17 – where the sky was white and gray and some thoughts on honesty

So back to the series that launched this blog: Sundays! When this journey began, each Sunday I wrote up a little journal entry about that day's happenings, thoughts on the sabbath, etc. Most of my writing never made it past the draft stage, because I was looking for a nice ribbon to tie up all… Continue reading 11.19.17 – where the sky was white and gray and some thoughts on honesty

the WHY behind my social media sabbatical

Last night, as I was laying in bed, just about to fall asleep and I realized why I need to take this break from social media. All the swirling, jumbled thoughts quieted down and organized themselves in my sub-conscious brain. Has that ever happened to you? The minute I stopped thinking, the answer presented itself… Continue reading the WHY behind my social media sabbatical