A prayer: “may my heart be more knit to Jesus.”

Recently, I've been encouraged and challenged by the old Puritan prayer collection, The Valley of Vision. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a few prayers in the back of the book pertaining to the sabbath. This prayer has helped to remind me of the purposes of the Lord's Day and moves through blessing God, confessing sin, then… Continue reading A prayer: “may my heart be more knit to Jesus.”


Where to start…

I'm 3 months into this blog and "keep the Sabbath" resolution.  Like with anything worthwhile, getting started and making it a habit has been the hardest part.  For the last three months, the discipline of rest has been a wonderful rhythm and blessing in my life.  And when I come across something good, I can't… Continue reading Where to start…

2.19.17- On having an agenda and a little farm visit

First let me say, Hello February! I love you! Today it was 60 degrees and sunny, blue skies. So good, good, good for my Vitamin D deprived soul. The morning was typical: picked up donuts, served in the kid's rooms at church and home for lunch and naps/quiet time. After a rough week and busy Saturday,… Continue reading 2.19.17- On having an agenda and a little farm visit